Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Indiana Jones Fan Game 3:10pm EST - Two guys, Stefan Zwanzger & Thomas Wagner have created some kind of an Indiana Jones fan game called Udoiana Raunes. At least I think it's some kind of a fan game... The whole site is in German so I have no idea what it says... There were some screenshots of the game though and they looked kind of funny :) Check it out, especially if you speak German. There's also another site related to the fan game where you can download it (1.4 MB) Thanks to Steve for that news - Bordok

Lack of Updates 3:10pm EST - Sorry for the lack of updates... I have lots of school stuff and Bailey can't be online much for a while. I'll try to find some news whenever I have time. When we open Indy World 2.0 with the new staff it won't matter if someone will be away for a while because we'll have a big staff. If you have any Indy related news for us please send 'em in. Thanks - Bordok

  Monday, September 28, 1998

Indy Graphic Adventure Reviews 3:37pm EST - A new graphic adventure gaming site opened about a week ago. It's a nice site worth checking out. They have a review of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis adventure game and reviews of some other LucasArts games too.. If you like graphic adventures you should also check out Just Adventure. I don't think they have anything Indy related though. - Bordok

  Saturday, September 26, 1998

Temple of the Forbidden Eye 11:50am EST - I'm going to make a trip to California sometime next year and I was gonna check out some info about the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. After a long search I found the official site. It turned out that they had changed the URL recently for some reason. None of the links to it I found worked. Anyways there's some cool info about the ride on the site that's worth checking out. - Bordok

  Thursday, September 24, 1998

Star Wars: Behind The Magic 5:30pm EST - This has nothing to do with Indiana Jones, but I thought that you might care. I just bought Star Wars: Behind The Magic today and I must say that it is really, really good. They have put a lot of effort into it and I recommend any level of Star Wars fan to get it. It sells for around $30 which is a huge bargin. I might write up a review later, but I'm not sure, needless to say I'm very happy with my purchase. - Bailey

  Wednesday, September 23, 1998

LucasArts updates the Indy3D page again 5:07pm EST - LucasArts's Infernal Machine preview page has been updated again. They've added lots of new very cool screenshots that you should definately check out. I didn't put the pics on the site because they're quite big. Thanks to for that news - Bordok

Indy World 2.0 5:07pm EST - We've got almost all of the scripts ready. We have most of the content ready too. Now we only need to make sure the java codes work on older browsers and then we can start putting the site together. Keep checking back for more info - Bordok

  Monday, September 21, 1998

Indy3D Screen Shots 5:07pm EST - I saw these screen shots on the magazine Next Generation and I wasn't sure if they were new. I scanned them in anyways just to be sure. I'll try to get the article scanned that came with pictures soon. - Bailey

United Indy Forum Temporarily Closed 11:40am EST - We just closed the UIF forum temporarily. We're working on the new forum and we'll have to do some code editing to get it work with the search engines and all that. When we'll get the new forum working we'll re-open Indy World. - Bordok

West End Games Online 9:53am EST - West End Games has finally opened its own website. Check it out for some Indiana Jones Role Playing Game info. Thanks to for that news - Bordok

  Friday, September 18, 1998

LucasArts Updated Indy Section 9:53am EST - LucasArts' website's Indy3D info page has been updated with new pictures. Actually they're not new ones anymore since Jedinet released them on their site a few weeks ago... I wonder how they got their hands on 'em :) - Bordok

Minor Server Problems 9:53am EST -We've been having some problems with our server. It has gone offline every now and then... I'll try to find out what the problem is. If it continues we'll consider moving to a new server - Bordok

  Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Even More New Indy3D Screenshots 10:39am EST - has released more new Infernal Machine screenshots that were scanned from the French Joystick magazine. They look pretty cool. Check 'em out. - Bordok

Indiana Jones IV 12:09am EST - had some Indy4 news on their site. Here's what they had to say: In a recent interview for Spanish magazine 'Fotograms', Harrison Ford confirmed that progress is proceeding apace on the next Indy film. Ford says "[It's] in an advanced phase. Because it's a production expected for the summer 2000" which would indicate the film would shoot that summer and open the following year in 2001. Thanks to 'Templer'. Thanks to for the news - Bordok

  Monday, September 14, 1998

New Indy3D Screen Shots 11:57pm EST - Indy3D.Net has recently posted four new screen shots of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and I thought I'd post them here too. They have 8 more new pics on the way so stay tuned. - Bailey

Possible Indy4 Plots 12:52pm EST - I was just cruising in the net and checked out again. Didn't really have time to really take a look when I first visited the site. They have some cool info about the possible plots of the upcoming Indy movie. Here they are. If you want more info check out their website. Remember that they are just rumoured plots - Bordok

- The evil long-lost brother of Indiana Jones comes back again (rumored
to be played by either Tom Selleck or Kevin Costner). The brother, rumored to be named either Montana or Connecticut Jones, wants to find the current whereabouts of the Lost Ark.
- Something to do with Atlantis (hence the four rumored titles having to do with the aforementioned plot). However, people say that since LucasArts has already made a Indiana Jones computer game based on Atlantis (titled "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis"), they probably won't film this plot.
- The story might occur after World War II due to Harrison Ford's age.
- Another plot might be Indy's search for the Garden of Eden (hence the rumored title, "Indiana Jones and the Garden of Life."
- Another plot might be about Noah's Ark. Indy would be in a race to get to some sort of item onboard the relic. Karen Allen's character, Marion, would return, and so would John-Rhys Davies' (Sallah).

  Sunday, September 13, 1998

Harrison's New Movie 2:12am EST - Harrison's new movie is now one step closer to start shooting. The movie called Random Hearts is being shot in Alexandria, VA. The production had approached the City Council requesting their approval of landing a helicopter for scenes in the movie. The city made a special exception for the film, usually they restrict helicopter landings to emergency landings only. Thanks to Cinescape for this tidbit of news. - Bailey

Ford's In The Money 2:12am EST - Harrison Ford is said to be worth $58 million according to Forbes magazine. On the magazines Top 10 highest paid entertainers Ford was listed at being number 8. Thanks to Theforce.Net for this news.  - Bailey

  Friday, September 11, 1998

Not much news... 11:35am EST - There haven't been much Indy news in the net lately. That's why we haven't posted any :) We'll be working on the new version of the site this weekend. We're still looking for a few people to join us. If you would be interested in covering all the Indiana Jones gaming news or doing something else here just fill out the form and let us know. - Bordok

  Wednesday, September 09, 1998

Some new Indy3D screen shots 1:54pm EST - I just visited and they had three new screen shots of the upcoming Indy game, Infernal Machine. The shots are scanned from a French gaming magazine, Joystick. They're pretty bad quality and they're only thumbnails, but still worth checking out.  - Bordok

Indy RPG Going Cheap 1:17am EST - I just read some interesting news over at Right now West End Games is selling all Indiana Jones RPG source books and miniatures at at 65% off. These deals won't last for ever, the discount will be reduced to 50% starting next week. Go to WEDGE Central for a list of items.- Bailey

  Tuesday, September 08, 1998

Empire Movie Magazine 9:44am EST - I just purchased the latest issue of Empire, Britain's biggest-selling movie magazine and it had some cool Indy related stuff in it. They had two 'Where Are They Now?' articles. The first one was about Paul Freeman, the man who acted the part of the French archaeologist, Rene Belloq in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The second one was about Pat Roach. He was the bold mechanic who battles Indy between the propellers of a wayward aircraft. The magazine also finally featured some info about Indiana Jones IV. It was included on the 'In the works section. Here's what it said:
Director: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Harrison Ford
It finally looks as though Ford will don fedora for the fourth time, for a story rumored to be set in either Shangri-La or The Lost city of Atlantis, possibly titled Indiana Jones and the Lost Continent. Or perhaps not.
  - Bordok

New Indy Site 9:44am EST - I just received email that a new site that is dedicated to the upcoming Indiana Jones movie has opened. The site is only about Indy 4 so if you're looking for the latest Indy 4 news head over there... of course we'll have 'em too so remember to come here too. heheh :) - Bordok

  Monday, September 07, 1998

Indiana Jones and the Lost Dagger 12:00pm EST - I just added a new fan fiction story by Matthew Childers to the fan fiction area. It's worth checking out. And if you want to join the Indy World staff fill out the signup form. - Bordok

  Saturday, September 06, 1998

Open Positions @ Indy World 4:25:25pm EST - We're currently working on a new version of this site and so far everything looks good. The site will be big and we cannot manage it ourselves. We need more staff members. If you have previous experience in working on websites and would like to join please head over to the signup form and fill it up. We'll check it out and get back to you as soon as possible. - Bordok

JediNet's New Screen shots 9:37am EST - Ok, so I'm posting this a little late, but JediNet put some 'new screenshots' of Infernal Machine on their site. I'm not going to say they are real because I got tricked a while ago on that area, heheh, but they do look real to me. There's that round thingie in the down left corner and you can even see Indy in them. Here's two of the pics. JediNet has 4 more pics. Be sure to check them out. Thanks to GhentZ for that news. - Bordok

  Saturday, September 05, 1998

ECTS '98 2:44pm EST - Only 14hours 16 minutes to go and the long waited ECTS Entertainment Expo in London, England will open it's doors. Everyone will be there... except me of course. That includes LucasArts and they'll be showing their Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine playable demo over there. Hopefully they'll release it on their website soon too. If you're going to ECTS and get a chance to play the game drop me a line. I'm sure lots of our readers would like to know what kind of an experience it was. - Bordok

  Friday, September 04, 1998

Indy World 2.0 1:54pm EST - Since I opened this site I haven't actually liked it so much :) Mostly because of the layout. I've made better ones. And also because we couldn't finish all the sections for the opening. That's why I just started working on a new version of this site and so far, I think it's great. It will feature a lot more stuff than this version of the site too. As you might now the co-webmaster of Indy World, Bailey is on vacation (lucky him :). I'm going to work on the new version alone, and I'll try to find a new assistant webmaster for the site. We have a lot of content and more will be added soon. If you are interested in the assistant webmaster position and have experience in making good websites, let me know :) - Bordok

Get your own Last Crusade zippo lighter 8:00am EST - Indiana Magnoli just got some replicas of Elsa's zippo lighter in the Last Crusade movie. You can buy your own now. They're really cool. If you want to get one of the cool lighters just send email about it to Indiana Magnoli. Here's what he mailed to me:

After waiting and waiting, we can finally get the cherished four leaf clover Zippo lighter! It is the standard Zippo lighter with a double sided four surface imprint of the classic design. It is modeled directly after Elsa's lighter from Last Crusade (it's Elsa's not Indy's; she gives it to him after entering the catacombs - Bordok

  Thursday, September 03, 1998

Been busy 10:33am EST - We haven't had much news lately because I haven't found any and I've been very busy with school. When I find more time I'll be working on the book section and the UIF forums. I haven't had time to put any book reviews on the site yet. Don't worry. I'll add some later today or tomorrow. We're still looking for a news updater to help us. If you're interested please drop me a line. I also added some temporary banner advertisements. I'm broke and I can't afford to pay the hosting bills of this site. I need to find a way to make some money before the next bill arrives. The banner ads might not work, but I'll figure out some way to find some money... - Bordok

  Wednesday, September 02, 1998

Indy in Finland 11:24am EST - In case you didn't know I live in Finland. I just saw a commercial of our own amusement park. It said that there's some kind of a new place you can go to... called Indiana Jones and Riddle of the Lost Temple. I have no idea what it's like, but I'll try to go check it out sometime soon. If/When I will I'll write about it here. If you have been or are going to one of the Indy attractions in the US please let me know. I would need some information about them. You could write your own article for the site about the attraction if you want. - Bordok

  Tuesday, September 01, 1998

.PLAN 2:16pm EST - Some people have really liked the new United Indy Forum. Some have really hated it. I think it's pretty good, but the older forum (MSA) is good too. I'll discuss about switching to MSA with the webmasters of and IndyHQ and see what they'll think about it. We can add some cool stuff by adding stuff to the script. Please tell me what you think of the forum.

I just got a cool interview with someone related to the world of Indiana Jones. I'll be posting it here soon. - Bordok


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