Saturday, August 29, 1998

Michael Sheard Interview 2:55am EST - LucasFan has done an interview with Michael Sheard recently. Michael has been in two Indiana Jones movies and in The Empire Strikes back. This is an interesting interview and I suggest that you go read it. - Bailey

Early Mourning Update 2:25am EST - There's not much happening in the world of Indiana Jones, hopefully that will pick soon. I'm going to away on vacation on Monday, so I won't be updating for about 2 weeks, but Bordok and Nick will be. The Forum is going great, but some people are trying to cause on the Forum, and we ask that this stops now. - Bailey

  Thursday, August 27, 1998

United Indy Forum Opened 00:01am EST - The long wait is over. United Indy Forum has finally opened its doors. Head to the UIF right now and register your nickname so no one else will. We created the forum with IndyHQ and that joined us yesterday. From the main page you can choose the go to the general forum or to the gaming forum. All the gaming related discussions should go to the gaming forum and the rest to the general forum. You only need to register to one of the forums and then you have registered to both. Head over to the United Indy Forum right now. - Bordok

  Wednesday, August 26, 1998

New Indy3D Preview 4:05pm EST - Computer Games Online has recently done a great preview of both Grim Fandango and Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine. You should definitely check this one out, it gives a great sense of what Indy3D is going to be like. Also it talks about Grim Fandango a great deal and anyone looking forward to either game should check out this preview. - Bailey

Movie Memorabilia For Sale 4:05pm EST - Universal Studios has an online auction where stuff from movies is sold off. I was going through some of the things that they had for sale and cam across some things of interest. They had a Straw Hat from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom that was autographed my Steven Speilberg, Harrison Ford and Kate Capshaw. So check it out here. - Bailey

Movie Music section Revamped 3:02pm EST - Some of the sections we have are not ready yet. Some miss some information and some don't have as much info as there could be. Well I've started working on those unfinished sections and I just uploaded a new version of the music section. Now there's info of 5 Indiana Jones soundtracks. I'll be working on the other unfinished sections, after we've opened the United Indy Forum. I'll also put some music reviews and real audio samples on the music page - Bordok

United Indy Forum Opening Tomorrow 1:25pm EST - The United Indy Forum is now ready to be opened. We've been working on it a lot lately and it was worth it. I first discuss about the forum idea with Arkana, the webmaster of IndyHQ and he liked the idea and joined immediately. I just talked to Mulder77 of about the forum and after he saw the boards he decided to join us. I've also talked about the forums with Micah of He might join when he first sees what the forums are like. His site has been around for a long time and we'll leave a spot open for him so that he can join if he wants to. That about covers. it. Some people haven't liked the new forum idea so far. Some people like the MSA forums because they are so simple. Well it would be pretty hard to create a forum like United Indy Forum (UIF) using the MSA forum. All the different areas have their own sections (e.g. movies, games, books...). If we would use the MSA boards we would have to setup about 15 boards... With the new forum we only have to setup two forums. Gaming forum and General Indy forum. We decided to create a separate gaming forum because two Indy3D sites have joined the system and their audience is more interested in the Gaming stuff. Also the fact that people have to register to the forum can prevent lots of garbage messages. We hope you'll enjoy the boards. We will open them tomorrow. - Bordok

Tuesday, August 25, 1998

Indy World and become affiliates 13:00pm EST - We just affiliated with another great Indy site, It's the first big Indy site to my knowledge and they have been the giving information about Indiana Jones movies,books and other stuff for a long time. Almost all big Indy fans visit their site very often. I asked Micah, the webmaster of Indyfan to join the United Indy Forum that we'll be opening in a few days, and he thought that the forum was a good idea, but didn't want to join before he would see it in action. The forum is all setup and ready to go now, but we still need to create the intro pages and some other stuff... Be sure to check back again soon to see if we've opened it. -Bordok

Indiana Jones Music & Books 9:12am EST - I just received the books and music I ordered from Didn't take very long for them to deliver even to Finland, where I live. I ordered the Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack and the following books: Industrial Light and Magic: Into the Digital Realm, Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas and George Lucas the Creative Impulse. First about the soundtrack... all I can say is WOW! It's incredible... It even includes music that hasn't been previously released at all.. and it didn't even cost much. There are 19 songs which of 7 are previously unreleased songs. The music was made by one of the greatest composers ever, John Williams who has also composed the music of movies like, Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Schindler's list. They are all great movies. And now about the books... from what I've seen in them for now, they are incredible. Lots of cool behind the scenes information with lots of cool photographs. All those books will be reviewed in our upcoming Indy book section. We might open it very soon. As you might now some of our sections haven't been completely finished yet. Well now we're trying to get some pictures from the Young Indy episodes. If you have a TV card and would like to grab a few shots for the site please let us know. - Bordok

Cool Indy3D News 1:12am EST - A couple of days ago did a great preview of Indy3D. Well there were a few corrections to it that has posted: 

-Levels are about twice as big as Jedi Knight levels...
-8 scenarios -- not part of game
-not really the Jedi Knight engine anymore, it's been almost completely re-written
-Death endings -- you can die fairly easily if you're not careful! but you can save anywhere, anytime, as often as you like..

I'm kind of glad that its not the Jedi Knight engine, its really dated now, and the save game feature will probably come in quite handy. - Bailey

  Monday, August 24, 1998

Another Affiliate 11:58am EST - We just affiliated with another great Indy and the Infernal Machine news source, IndyHQ. They always have the latest news and some cool looking fan pictures of Indy making a guest visit in various other 3D games :) It's a great site and I recommend that you check it out and bookmark it. IndyHQ has already joined the United Indy Forum system we're currently setting up. - Bordok

  Sunday, August 23, 1998

New Screenshots of...Turok Dinosaur Hunter :( 1:28pm EST - We put up some pictures today that we thought were from the upcoming Indy3D. One of our staff members had received them via IRC. It turned out that the picture had been grabbed from a game called Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. They looked a bit like the Indy3D screenshots, although I bet Indy3D will look 10 times better :) Sorry about all this... We couldn't know because we don't play games like Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (heheh :) Anyway we've got some new great affiliates coming up and the new forum creation is going great. We've already got some great Indy sites joining the forum system - Bordok

Our First Affiliate 9:59am EST - We have just got our first affiliate, We're only looking for good sites to be affiliated with and is a perfect partner for us. They always have the latest Indy and the Infernal Machine news and more. They just added their own Infernal Machine preview and it holds a lot of information about the game. You should definitely check it out. - Bordok

New Forum Coming Up 6:43am EST - Since we opened the site we've been trying to find a new and better forum for our site. Well now we've found one. Lots of people have emailed me asking what will happen do Indyfan forum if we get a new and better forum that Indiana Jones fans will start to use. I've been thinking about that a lot and I found a solution. We're going to create a United Indy Forum. A forum for the best Indy related sites. I've talked about this with Arkana of IndyHQ and he thought it was a great idea. Our mutual friend, ChrisC3PO is working on it as we speak. The forum will be hosted by his site, so that the forum will not really belong to any of the sites. We all own it together. The discussion sections on the new forum will be: movies, sequel, games, books and collectibles. We will also make a section for miscellaneous subjects. The forum will probably open within a week or so. I've been trying to setup a chat with Micah of, but he has been working a lot lately and he hasn't had time. If he wants he can join the United Indy Forum too. I have also had a chat with Mulder77 of who was very interested, but didn't want to join (at least not yet). We will open the forum with IndyHQ very soon. Keep checking back for more information. - Bordok

  Saturday, August 22, 1998

News Archive Opened 11:24am EST - We have finally opened our News Archive. The main page was getting very big, because we had lots of news. Anyway the old news will be stored to the News Archive from now on. We have also changed our news system a bit. Now we add the time when the news were added, because we will be updating the site 24 hours a day instead of just once a day. If you have any Indy related news for us please use the news submitting form. We have some cool sequel news/rumors coming up soon. We also have some exclusive never before seen pictures from Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine that we'll be putting on the site very soon. - Bordok

  Friday, August 21, 1998

Indy 4 to be Filmed on Crete - We have received unconfirmed news, that Steven Spielberg is going to be scouting for filming locations on the Island of Crete this up coming summer. this makes us believe more that the film will be based on The Fate of Atlantis. - Nick

Indy 3D Windows Theme - Our friends at IndyHQ released their own Indy theme for Windows95/98 yesterday. To use the program you'll have to have Micro$oft Plus 95/98 or a shareware program that does the same thing. You can download the theme directly by clicking here or just go to IndyHQ and download it from there. Thanks to Arkana for that news - Bordok


  Thursday, August 20, 1998

Just thought you'd like to know... - Here is a cool site, its about all different kinds of up coming movie news and rumors. Indy 4 is mentioned also. - Nick

Confirmed news from ILM - We have just received e-mail from a contact at ILM saying "Indiana Jones 4 will be based somewhat on the game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis." He also said that Steven Spielberg is trying to buy the rights to the Indy franchise from Paramount, so he can stick to his contract with Dream Works which states that any movies he makes must be made through Dream Works, personally I think he has them already. We're sure Dream Works would love to have those rights and would help Steven out in any way, including any of his financial difficulties in obtaining these rights.. - Nick

Fan Fiction - We just added a new Indy story to the Fan Fiction area. It's called Indiana Jones and the Lost Book and it was written by Dustin Childers. - Bordok

Playstation Indy - A staff member from JediNit Gaming has just returned from San Diego Comic Con and has reported that Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine will be available for the Playstation in 1999. There have been reports of it being available for the Playstation, but this new report helps confirm it further. Thanks to LucasGames for this tidbit of info. -Bailey

  Tuesday, August 18, 1998

Sequel Rumors- I just updated the Sequel Rumors page with some new info. I recommend anybody who just can't wait to see the new movie to check this out. -Bailey

New Indy 3D Preview- LA Reviews has done a preview of Indiana Jones and the Infernal machine. There's nothing new here, but for those of you who can't get enough information on Indy3D, it's right up your ally. Thanks to The Indy 3D Network for this piece of info. - Bailey

Indy 3D Info - According to who heard this from Gagames the Official release date for Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is going to be February 15th, 1999. Also the Indy Team has burned a demo version of the game last week. This demo will be shown at ECTS the first week of September. (ECTS is a trade show in London). - Bailey

LucasGames - LucasGames has started a new online poll: Who's The Coolest LEC Character To Date? When I last checked Indy was not doing to well, so get over there and put Indy in his rightful place. - Bailey

Be Just Like Indy - You can be just like Indiana Jones now that Wested Leather Co. is selling Leather Jackets just like the ones in the movie. These aren't official Jackets but this company is the one who made the Jackets for the movies. Thanks to Indy Fan for this piece of news.- Bailey

  Monday, August 17, 1998

Site Update - We have many things in the workings right now like the book section, scheduled chats and I will be setting up a "My 2-cents Page". There are a few other things in the workings that we will announce soon, including a few exciting interviews. Concerning the chats, we were wondering what time you the viewers wanted it to be (ex. Saturday, What Time of day). Please discuss this in the forum and we will take every suggestion into consideration. - Bailey

  Sunday, August 16, 1998

Celebrity of the Week - Harrison Ford is celebrity1000's celebrity of the week. Congratulations Harrison! Thanks to Mithrandir who posted that in the Indyfan forum - Bordok

Future Plans - Many people have been asking us if we will add a book section. well as I explained in the forum, we've already almost finished it. All we would need now is a person who has read almost every Indiana Jones book to help us out. This person could write small book reviews, scan some book covers and everything else he would like to do. We've also been asked to create a comic book section. If the book person would own some Indy comic books it would be plus. If you think you're a real Indy comic book expert, Indiana Jones book worm or both please contact us and you might get the job. As you can see in the little note below there's also a behind the scenes info section, a collectible area and a better forum coming up. We already have to staff members working on the collectible area, but if you think you're one of the biggest Indy collectors ever and you have lots of Indy stuff feel free to contact us if you'd like to help us out. I'm working on the behind the scenes section with a friend of mine and it should be finished sometime soon too. - Bordok

New Sequel Rumors - I received some sequel rumors from Wildkard who says that he heard 'em from a movie reviewer. Enjoy: "I was chatting with a movie reviewer who know several people in various film companies (including LucasArts) a couple of months ago, and he told me that the first "new" Indiana Jones movie would be based on the PC game of "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis". He also mentioned that the original plan was for alternating movies of Indiana Jones and the Star Wars prequels (just like the first time)... but because of (unforeseen) production delays on the SW prequels... the filming and work on the Indiana Jones hasn't been started yet... no word yet on whether the "alteration" plan will continue or not."  - Bordok


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