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     Thursday, April 28. 1999

Been A Long Time - Hey it been a very long time since we updated, there just hasn't been any news lately. We'll try to update more on more general news concerning with George Lucas and Steven Speilberg. - Bailey

Lucas Interviews - George Lucas will be on the Rosie O'Donnell show on May 5th. Entertainment Tonight will also be interviewing him on May 5th. Thanks to LucasFan for the news. - Bailey
     Saturday, April 10. 1999

A new hosted site - Sorry that we haven't been updating much lately. There just haven't been much Indy news to post lately. We started to host a new cool site at The site is dedicated to creating cool Indy prop replicas and you should definately check 'em out. - Bordok
     Monday, March 22. 1999

Oscar News - Last night at the Acadamy Awards, George Lucas' company Skywalker sound took home 2 awards for Sound effects. Also Star Wars Episode 1 star Liam Neeson presented an award, and Harrison Ford presented the award for best picture. Steven Speilberg took home the award for best director and in the clip for "a tribute to a century of filmaking" they show a clip of Indiana Jones and Star Wars. - Bailey

Ford on CNN/People - Just saw this on n the first of a series of profiles from People magazine's 25th anniversary issue, CNN will be featuring Harrison Ford on March 23 at 10pm EST on its 'NewsStand' program. Set your VCRs. - Bailey

     Sunday, March 21. 1999

A new Indy site - A new site dedicated to Indiana Jones has opened at They have some cool info and other stuff you might want to check out. - Bordok

LucasArts News - The demo of LucasArts' new Star Wars space simulator, X-Wing Alliance has been released. It's definately worth checking out if you're not planning to buy the game in the near future. It'll definately make you change your mind :) Also a German gaming magazine posted an article which said that LucasArts is working on a new adventure game. What'll it be.... that's yet to find out. Maybe a sequel to the Maniac Mansion series. Maybe even a new Indiana Jones game... although that's highly unlikely.
- Download the XWA demo here:
Also check out these great X-Wing Alliance sources

    Thursday, March 18. 1999

Must See Indy TV / Udoiana Raunes: Robbery Rag - The Sci-Fi Channel will be airing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom tonight at 9 PM Eastern / 8 PM Central. Stefan Zwanzger and Thomas Wagner, the minds behind Udoiana Raunes I + II, send word that they're going to produce a third Udoiana Raunes game, titled "Udoiana Raunes: Robbery Rag." Better graphics, a higher resolution, and no doubt tougher puzzles look to be on the way. There's no set time for the start of production, nor a release date, but look for it in the year 2000 (the year BEFORE the new millennium). - Acolyte

    Thursday, March 11. 1999

Star Wars Trailer 2 - The Star Wars Trailer has been released on net and will be shown on Entertainment Tonight later this evening. If you'd like to download it try the official Star Wars Site or Counting down to Star Wars. LucasFilm has also released a poster for Episode 1 as well, view it here. - Bailey
     Tuesday, March 9. 1999

Star Wars Trailer 2 - It's official the second Star Wars trailer for Episode 1 will be released this Friday to theatres. Apparently Countdown to Star Wars will have the actual trailer on there website today, so you may want to check it out. - Bailey

X-Wing: Alliance Goes Gold - The Star Wars space simulator X-Wing: Alliance has gone gold. LucasArts says that the game should be in stores on the week of March 21. - Bailey

Indy 4 In Production? - I just read at Countdown To Indy that they have a reliable source that says that Indy 4 has entered production. - Bailey

    Friday, March 5. 1999

Indy cursors for Windows - Webley has made some cool Indiana Jones cursors. They're all animated and they use the graphics from Indiana Jones and his Desktop adventures computer game. You can download them here. - Bordok

SCUMM Revisited - A new cool LucasArts game hacking program has been released. Here's the program description from the website:
What SCUMM Revisited basically does is allowing you to go explore in the world of SCUMM resource files - the files containing all the scripts, music, images, animations, dialogue etc. of the SCUMM adventure games from LucasArts. It allows you to get tons of info on these files, get a glance into how the games were scripted, look at the stunning graphics and listen to the music without having to run the games themselves

With the program you can see stuff that you weren't meant to see too. I found some screens in the Fate of Atlantis source fils that weren't in the actual game. You should definately check it out. - Bordok



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